Our solutions are reshaping our world. And at the heart of our solutions are our people. Their diversity is our strength. They reflect the world in which we do business and the communities in which we live.


From formal training to policies that promote inclusion, accessibility and equal treatment, we invest in growing our understanding and appreciation of the differences among us to thrive.


Our workforce comprises exceptionally talented employees. Each individual’s skill and willingness to work as ‘One Team’ makes us one of the most competitive companies in the market.

Every day, we are committed to building a vibrant, diverse and talented employee base, investing in each employee’s growth and development through professional training and mentoring, community involvement and team building.

Our training programs are designed to challenge our employees and prepare them for the next step in their careers.


Our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are key partners in helping us connect and engage talent and are just one way we are making inclusion a hallmark of Dow. In Saudi Arabia, Dow has four highly active ERGs

Women’s Innovation Network (WIN) supports the professional development of women around the world, offering mentoring and networking opportunities, and providing access to professional development tailored to the unique needs of women at critical career stages.

Middle East North Africa (MENA) Intercultural Network is focused on breaking stereotypes, bringing awareness and inclusion of Middle Eastern culture, and providing insight into conducting business in the region.

Disability Employee Network (DEN) fosters professional and personal success of people with disabilities, raises awareness of their contributions, educates and empowers employees to be advocates, and emphasizes that people living with special needs are a unique source of talent.

RISE is a network that provides a platform for new employees to be heard and have a positive influence, supports successful integration of new employees (zero to eight years of service to Dow), enables new employees to contribute faster, and includes experienced allies who help integrate new hires.


By 2020, Dow is leading in Inclusion: authentic, respectful, equitable

At Dow, we lead with inclusion because without an inclusive workplace, diversity is just a numbers game instead of being a powerful force for Dow winning in the marketplace. To achieve our vision, we have established seven global foundational pillars:

  • Governance: Institutionalize an inclusive culture
  • Customers: Deliver an unparalleled customer experience
  • Talent: Increase employee engagement and create an environment where everyone can thrive
  • People leaders: Cultivate an inclusive culture
  • Suppliers: Achieve top benchmark performance in supplier diversity
  • Communities: Strengthen communities where we live, work and do business
  • Reputation: Establish a leadership position and be recognized as a great place to work

Championing Inclusion in Our Communities

Through charitable and volunteer efforts, Dow employees are enhancing many communities around the world, as well as building stronger relationships and connections with one another. Here are just a few examples of diversity organizations that Dow supports through its philanthropy and volunteerism.

NACME (National Action Council for Minorities in Engineering): Dow’s contribution helps create opportunities for underrepresented minority youth to pursue engineering studies, and helps ensure the successful graduate access to a potentially exciting and rewarding career.

Dow Promise: This outreach program works with external partners to help overcome educational and economic challenges of African-American young people and adults in communities near Dow sites.

My Handicap: Dow Europe supports this organization, which focuses on meeting the needs of people with disabilities in everyday corporate life, increasing employment of people with disabilities and promoting barrier-free work infrastructures.

Women’s Empowerment Principles: A partnership of UN Women and the UN Global Compact, this initiative joins 167 companies and other organizations from around the world in their mission to promote gender equality and women’s empowerment.