Middle East Innovation Center

Dow launched its Middle East Innovation Center (MEIC) in June, 2012 in Thuwal at King Abdullah University of Science & Technology (KAUST). A new dedicated MEIC building opened at the end of 2018.

The MEIC is a key part of Dow’s commitment to promote localized research, provide advanced digital solutions and support the Kingdom’s vision to become a knowledge-based economy. Combined with the Sadara joint venture, the MEIC serves as a catalyst for long-term sustainable growth for both Dow and the Kingdom.

Through collaborations with KAUST, Dow is also committed to accelerating technology and innovation transfer from an academic setting to the marketplace and to developing Saudi technical talent.

Key initial areas of innovation and technology focus are:

  • Upstream and downstream oil and gas technologies.
  • Materials for energy efficient infrastructure (coatings and construction).
  • Materials for efficient energy delivery (fluids for renewable energy sources and elastomers for cable encapsulation).

Dow R&D capabilities in Saudi Arabia include

  • Laboratory footprint with extensive equipment capabilities enabling the full support of technology development customized for the local region and customer application needs.
  • A team of technical experts focused on the issues facing the Middle East: for example—effective oil and gas production, energy efficient and durable buildings and infrastructure, and renewable energy sources.
  • A facility that is integrated into both Dow’s global R&D network and the capabilities of KAUST to enable development of leading edge solutions.

Digital Marketplace Center

Dow has established a Digital Marketplace Center (DMC) as part of its Middle East Innovation Center. The DMC focuses on designing and delivering innovative digital solutions to support customer growth for Dow—the largest foreign investor in the Kingdom’s petrochemical sector—in the Middle East and Africa.

We have built a diverse, agile and multi-disciplinary team, focused on digital innovation and sustainable customer solution design, enabled by the latest technologies such as social, mobile, cloud, and analytics.

From workspace to workforce design, the DMC brings together a group of experts to create the center of digitally connected chemistry, equipped with the sales and marketing digital tools and solutions of tomorrow such as e-commerce, business process optimization, user experience design, analytics, big data, mobile apps development and more.