Energy & Water

Taking Care of Our Most Precious Resources - The world is becoming water scarce and energy hungry. Dow scientists are rising to the challenges.


Discover how Dow is addressing the need to carefully manage our limited resources.


Dow Saudi Arabia is committed to a future of clean, sustainable energy in the Kingdom. We customized chemistries, technologies and R&D capabilities to help improve the efficiency, speed, capacity, and environmental sustainability of the energy industry, whether in oil and gas, mining, or alternative energy. With solutions from a worldwide base of chemical technologies, as well as one of the broadest portfolios of materials sciences, services, and logistics capabilities, we have solutions that can change the biggest challenges into undiscovered opportunities with solutions.

Featured Markets

  • Exploration and Production
  • Water treatment for Oil & Gas
  • Gas Treatment and Processing
  • Renewable Energy including Solar Power and Wind Energy

Featured Products

  • UCARSOL™ and SELEXOL™ Specialty Solvents for gas treating applications like natural gas, refinery gas, LNG, LPG and more. For more information visit
  • DEMTROL™ Demulsifiers and ACCENT™ Scale and Asphaltene Inhibitors. For more information visit
  • DOWTHERM™ A Heat Transfer Fluid, the world's leading fluid technology for Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) projects. For more information visit
  • ENLIGHT™ Polyolefin Encapsulant Films enhance efficiencies in photovoltaic module production and help lower total system costs.


We create a wide range of innovative and sustainable products.

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