Keeping Food Safe, Secure and Sustainable - Dow packaging innovations improve food safety and extend food freshness to help reduce waste and feed a hungry world.


Discover how Dow's packaging innovations have an impact around the world and in your kitchen.


Dow Packaging innovations improve food safety and extended food freshness to help reduce waste and feed a hungry world. With a rapidly increasing population, rising middle class incomes, and on-the-go lifestyles, demand for high performance plastic packaging to extend food freshness, improve product safety, is brighter and lighter, and provides user-friendly functionality is increasingly demanded. Dow is a leading collaborator and innovator on packaging technologies and solutions. Dow’s resins, films, and adhesives can deliver more sustainable, cost efficient.

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  • Packaging and Specialty Plastics

Featured Products

  • ELITE™ AT PE Resins improve the performance of films in high performance sealant film, high performance stretch wrap film and stretch hood film applications. For more information visit
  • DOWLEX™ PE Resins offer linear low-density PE strength to any structure. Excellent toughness means high puncture, impact resistance and tensile strength. For more information visit


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